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About YWCA

The YWCA of San Diego County provides women and families with the shelter and services they need to escape homelessness and domestic violence. Our menu of programs and services including residential programs, counseling, legal support and career assistance are designed to accommodate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social services needs of homeless women and families as well as those facing domestic violence issues.

We adhere to the philosophy of "teaching people to fish" rather than merely "providing them with fish." This approach has been very successful, as more than 70 percent of those who complete the program are able to obtain employment and permanent housing, so that they can maintain a stable, self-sufficient lifestyle.

The YWCA receives some government funding, but each year we rely on the community to donate the additional funds needed to support the women and children who turn to us for a safe environment in which to rebuild their lives. We are also fortunate to have a large contingent of volunteers, whose donations of time and energy are invaluable to our mission.


The mission of the YWCA is to increase safety, promote healing, foster empowerment, and give hope to women and families through innovative programs, services and advocacy.


As a leader in providing client-centered programs for women and families, the YWCA offers comprehensive social services and resources for women and families of all races, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. United by our common belief in mutual respect, integrity and professional excellence, we continue our legacy of cultivating community partnerships and responding to the changing needs of the people we serve.

24 hour emergency hotline: 619.234.3164