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Community Impact

“I never had the strength to walk away until it was too late. You taught us that we are survivors and that we are going in the right direction by coming to the YWCA and seeking help.”

-Former Passages Resident

The YWCA provides support to thousands of women and families who are working to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness, rebuild their lives, and change their futures. 

These individuals are strong and they have transformed their lives.  Here are a few of their stories:  

Helen's Story

Before I came to the YWCA’s Becky’s House®, my life was full of chaos and instability. I was a stay-at-home mom to my 2-year-old son, and a Navy wife. On a daily basis, nothing I could do was ever good enough for my ex-husband. I would be yelled at and pushed around for the smallest things: if the house was not spotless; if it was raining outside; and sometimes just when my ex had a bad day at work. Since moving into the YWCA’s Becky’s House®, my son and I have received counseling. I am going back to school to become a preschool director. My son’s behavior has changed for the better. Finally, after ten years in a bad relationship, there is consistency and positivity in my life.


Alecia's Story

Before arriving at the YWCA’s Becky’s House® Domestic Violence Shelter, I was in a relationship where my partner had absolute control over me and was physically violent towards me. He is the father of my children, who I lived with for 8 years. I did not feel free to make decisions for myself; I felt alone. I felt like a prisoner and I always lived in fear that his reactions might lead to more physical or verbal violence. Today, I feel free to decide for myself. I’m not isolated, and no one controls my life but me. I have gone to school, I have met new people, and I am working.  I have received a lot of benefits through the YWCA’s Becky’s House® Domestic Violence Program. I feel capable of achieving and overcoming any obstacle. I now know how much I am worth.


Lucy's Story

Before I came to the YWCA’s Becky’s House®, I was very unhappy, sad, I had no self-confidence, and I didn’t feel like anybody cared about me. I felt like I had no one to talk to. I felt like I was living someone else’s life because I couldn’t imagine that this was happening to me. I was always anxious and I always had to think twice before I spoke. I didn’t feel safe or comfortable in my house. I was ashamed of myself and the fact that my daughter had to go through this with me. I was hopeless and I felt like I had no control of my own life. Since moving into the YWCA’s Becky’s House®, I am so very confident. I am more than happy. I now know that I am a wonderful person and I deserve to be respected and cherished. I found an amazing job and
I am able to take care of myself and my daughter. I feel like myself again and am ready for the future.

24 hour emergency hotline: 619.234.3164