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24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline 619.234.3164
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Becky's House® Domestic Violence Program

Our Becky’s House domestic violence program offers a safe haven for women, men, and children to overcome trauma, improve their economic status, and ultimately achieve self-sufficiency. The program encompasses a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, an emergency shelter, and four transitional housing communities along with supportive services. 

Becky’s House is the largest provider of emergency and transitional housing in San Diego County, and serve as one of the only resources for male victims. Additionally, our emergency shelter is the only facility in the region that accepts clients at all hours of the day and night.

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 619.234.3164
Staffed by trained professional advocates who are certified by the California Office of Emergency Services, the hotline provides crisis resources, referrals, and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Vi McKinney Becky’s House Shelter
Our 30-60 day emergency shelter offers a safe, confidential, temporary home for women, men and children in need of immediate protection. Clients focus on safety planning, legal services, counseling, and housing as they begin to recover from trauma.

Becky’s House Transitional Housing
Our 12-month program offers safe, confidential housing and supportive services for women, men and children. Clients focus on career development, financial planning, counseling, and obtaining permanent housing.

Becky’s House Transitions is a one-year transitional housing program for survivors of domestic violence. YWCA partners with landlords to place a qualified client as a tenant, lease the apartment for one year, and work closely with the family to live independently. The program includes life skills training, unit inspections, and periodic communications with the landlord to ensure a successful tenancy. Ultimately, families “transition in place” by assuming the lease upon completion of our program. 


Case Management
Case management is a critical component of each survivor's process within our program. Our case managers assess the needs of each client and their family to design an individualized plan to achieve their goals.

Individual and group therapy sessions cover topics such as the cycle of domestic violence, self-esteem and assertiveness training, boundary setting, conflict resolution, and techniques to manage anger and stress.

Legal Assistance
YWCA provides free legal services on family law matters, including restraining orders, divorce, child custody, immigration, employment and housing issues, to our residential clients and survivors of domestic violence throughout San Diego County.

Employment Development
Building economic security is a core component of the Becky’s House program. Staffed by professional career counselors, our Career Center offers assistance with resume writing and job search, as well as intership placement to gain valuable experience and hands-on skills. 

Financial Literacy
Abusers often use financial resources as a method of control, including limiting access to money, prohibiting employment, destroying credit, and other tactics. Our program helps survivors of domestic violence gain critical financial knowledge, skills, and resources. 

Youth and Children’s Services
Children who witness domestic violence act similarly to children who have been physically abused, exhibiting symptoms such as depression, anger, low self esteem, confusion, withdrawal from personal contact with others, and guilt and shame. Our services provide a variety of therapeutic, social, and educational activities to address their specific needs, including reading groups and tutoring sessions, as well as visits to libraries, museums, parks, and community events. Proven to be an effective method healing, visual and creative arts opportunities are designed to encourage self-expression through music, art, creative writing, and performance projects.

Additional Resources

YWCA of San Diego County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition), national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, HIV/AIDS status, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis protected by state or federal laws. When necessary, YWCA also makes reasonable accommodations for clients with disabilities.