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Heather Finlay
Chief Executive Officer
619-239-0355, ext. 227


Donna Gough
Chief Financial Officer
619-239-0355, ext. 209


Nita Radam Thom
Staff Accountant 


Lana Lee
Human Resources Office Manager

Volunteer Coordinator 


Brittney Sherley
Development Manager
619-239-0355, ext. 216  

Steve Plunk
Grant Specialist
619-239-0355, ext. 217 

Monique Burley
Development Associate (Donations Program)
619-239-0355, ext. 225

Megan Dowell
Lead Program Manager

Kathleen BurnsM.A., M.F.T.
Clinical Supervisor


Lori Weckerly, JD
Becky's House® Domestic Violence Program 


Olga Diaz
Client Service Manager
Becky’s House® Domestic Violence Program


Nancy Vera
Employment Development Manager, Passages

Elana Soltz
Manager, Cortez Hill Family Center


George Ossavou
Residential Services Manager
Cortez Hill Family Center 

24 hour emergency hotline: 619.234.3164